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Focus Sectors

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Priority Sectors For Investments With Aim Of Devloping Multiple $1BN+ Export Verticals


  • Pharmaceutical
  • High value add apparel
  • Electronics and Electricals


  • Knowledge Services
  • Software Development
  • IT training Institutes
  • Emerging Technology

Hospitality & Tourism

  • Agro/Eco Tourism
  • Adventure/Thrill Tourism
  • Luxury Hotels
  • MICE Tourism

Agriculture & Food Processing

  • Rubber
  • Agri/Processed Food
  • Fisheries

Construction, Infrastructure & Logistics

  • Railway systems (Monorails/LRTs/ SKY Trains)
  • Port/Airport development

[ key sub-sectors ]

Highlights of key sub-sectors

  • Pharmaceutical:
    Pharma zone with pre-environment clearance, industry leading tax breaks for pharma companies to strengthen supply chain
  • Apparel:
    Apparel: Dedicated fabric park to achieve supply chain resilience by localizing raw material imports
  • Tourism:
    Best Travel Destination in 2019 (Lonely Planet); government expects to achieve incremental tourism revenue ~$6bn per annum by 2025
  • Rubber:
    Solid tyre capital of the world with further opportunity for large investments
  • ICT:
    Multiple stock exchanges, airlines, theme parks, boardrooms and banks run on code developed in Sri Lanka. Be a part of this “Island of ingenuity” – among the fastest growing ICT hubs in South Asia

…and many more such exciting opportunities for other sectors