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McLarens Industrial Solutions Pvt Ltd (MISL) – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Dr Ashan Amarasinghe

Joint Managing Director


McLarens Industrial Solutions Pvt Ltd currently operates from a point of vantage, in being a Unique Business that offers not only innovative product design engineering solutions but also solutions for business restructure through the infusion of technology via customized robotic & automated system deployment. It operates as a high impact modular system design specialist that provides the customer opportunity to upgrade their business through deep business function analyses and corresponding implementation of customized flexible automated machinery. The company is the first “Tech – based” SPAC and only company in SL focusing on Holistic Modular System Design for Appareal, Elder care & Medicare and Agricultural Sectors in Sri Lanka.


McLarens Industrial Solutions Pvt Ltd was established in April 2019 as a fully owned subsidiary by McLarens Holdings Limited, one of Sri Lanka's largest conglomerates, with an investment of USD 1.25 Million, to provide an unparalleled strategic advantage for the holding company in terms of improving its own business as well as having a unique advantage in bridging the market gap for engineering solutions.

MISL operates with High performance, high value and advance materials, tools and very high value service offerings providing solutions in the market gap of making unique machines which are not "bespoke" but flexible production modular machines with quantities per machine design varying from 20 to 60 machines with the system solution price ranging from USD 15k to USD 75k per unit. Further, they carryout investment studies, company evaluations and restructuring etc. as well.

MISL has established several development relationships with significant conglomerates in engineering and electro mechanics in the form of machine manufacturers, which has improved the company's value and the supply chain.

Business Segments
• Innovation through Creative Engineering Solutions
• Product Design Engineering Studio
• Industrial Automation Modular System Integrator
• Manufacturing Business Transformation Specialist
• Flexible Manufacturing System Design Specialist
• High Value Manufacturing Setup Consultant

Value Proposition - Combines Engineered Technology and Financial Structuring to improve market positioning and therefore the profitability of manufacturing businesses.
• Only company in SL focusing on Holistic Modular System Design for Flexible Manufacturing

Healthcare, Agri & Logistics
• Specialized in providing designing & developing smart product-family based solutions
• Specialized designer & manufacturer of flexible production process smart machinery
• Designer of high-performance functional products such as composites
• Unparalleled Expert Knowledgebase and Tacit Knowhow on new production facility planning

• Fully fledged design engineering outfit which can be harnessed with low financial & personnel related exposure to your own business establishment via outsourced R&D.

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